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Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment has been helping organizations find sales candidates in Dubai. In addition to recruitment, we provide our clients with talent management solutions to help them hire with confidence, grow great leaders, and help manage the transition of outplaced or redeployed staff.

Our IT recruiter would be delighted to discuss how we could help you find sales candidates.

IT Development Candidates

HOT_Philippines Senior Developer, Java Spring SQL PHP $145K PHPView Details
HOT ID UAE – IBM ODM 25k AEDView Details
HOT NG UAE – Full-Stack Developer Magento 2 23k AEDView Details
HOT SY UAE – AI Engineer back-end Developer 7k AEDView Details
HOT SL UAE – Web Developer Graphic Designer 8k AEDView Details
HOT ID UAE – Software Developer Magento 21k AEDView Details
HOT_IND Automation engineer, Java Manual and automation testing Selenium Appium $NegotiableView Details
HOT IND Senior Game Developer, Unreal Engine/Unity/C++/C#, 14K AED Per MonthView Details
HOT UAE Senior Game Developer, Unreal Engine/Unity/C++/C#, 28K AED Per MonthView Details
HOT ID UAE ODM Developer 26k AEDView Details
HOT UAE Web Full Stack Developer Designer 6k AEDView Details
HOT UAE Product Engr. Full Stack Developer 8k AEDView Details
HOT UAE Sr. Magento Developer 15k AEDView Details
HOT UAE Magento Developer 10k AEDView Details
HOT UAE Senior Net Developer 7k AEDView Details
HOT ID UAE Software Development 2k AEDView Details
HOT IN Senior Software Engineer, iOS/Android Mobile DevelopmentView Details
HOT UAE Software Developer Digital Transformation 13k AEDView Details
HOT UAE – Software Developer IT Infrastructure 14k AEDView Details
HOT_India Business Analyst, Business analysis C C++ Python Project management $NegotiableView Details
HOT_UAE Software Tester, Java UAT Testing Regression testing $NegotiableView Details
HOT IND Customer Care Specialist IT Manager UX/UI Development Project Management 15k AEDView Details
HOT IND Developer Python Retail IndustryView Details
Hot UAE Presentation Designer / Web Designing Brand Designing UI/UX DesigningView Details
HOT PK Full-Stack/Mobile Developer JavaScript Node React Angular jQuery 5k AED Per MonthView Details
HOT ServiceNow Software Developer, C/C++/Python, $ 8.46K HKD Per MonthView Details
HOT_Pakistan Full-Stack SFCC Developer, Salesforce commerce cloud B2C JavaScript $NegotiableView Details
HOT_Pakistan Salesforce Commerce Cloud Backend Developer, JavaScript REACT jQuery PHP B2C commerce cloud $NegotiableView Details
HOT PK Administrarive Officer Computer Science and Office Works 92k Lira Per MonthView Details
HOT_India Software test engineer, Java Selenium SQL Jenkins Python Manual Automation testing $NegotiableView Details
HOT_INDIA Salesforce Developer, Apex SOQL HTML JavaScript $NegotiableView Details
HOT IND Software Developer JavaScript and SQL and Databases 5.5k INRView Details
HOT_INDIA Software tester, SQL Automation Mobile API testing $12kView Details
HOT_IND Automation Tester, SQL JMeter Selenium Java API Software testing 124K-156K RUPEESView Details
HOT_PAKISTAN Developer, Laravel / NodeJS / ReactJS / Django / VueJS / Education / Healthcare / E-commerce, 156K AED per yearView Details
HOT_PAKISTAN Developer, .NET / C# / JavaScript / React / Angular / SQL, 75K AED per yearView Details
HOT_SERIA Developer, ASP.Net / C# / JavaScript / Angular / Tableau / SQL, $110K AED per yearView Details
HOT_PAKISTAN Developer, Blockchain / Web / Laravel / NodeJS / AngularJS / VueJS / Ethereum / Solidity, 42K AED per yearView Details
HOT_PAKISTAN Developer, Full Stack / NestJS / Laravel / VueJS / MySQL / AWS / ReactJS, 144K AED annuallyView Details
HOT HK/SG/ Sr. Oracle HCM Cloud Consultant, Functional Analyst, Associate Consultant, NegotiableView Details
HOT_PAKISTAN Developer, Laravel / PHP / Codeigniter / JQuery / AJAX / Management Systems, $ NegotiableView Details
HOT_INDIA Developer, C / C++ / VC++ / Visual Basic / MS Access, $210K AED annuallyView Details
HOT_INDIA  Developer, MySQL / Laravel / NodeJS / JavaScript / Web Development, 180K AED per yearView Details
HOT_INDIA  Developer, Laravel / NodeJS / SpringBoot / ReactJS, 72K AED annuallyView Details
HOT Developer, Mobile / Flutter / Android / iOS / Dart / Swift / Java, $240KUSD per annumView Details
HOT ID Test Engineer Salesforce CRM/ERP Node.js JavaScript 6000 AED Per MonthView Details
HOT_UAE Developer, Mobile Developer, Full Stack, Laravel, Vue, PHP, ReactJS, NodeJS, SQL, GraphQL, Flutter $72KAEDView Details
HOT_UAE Developer, React / Mobile / VueJS / Flutter / Laravel / NodeJS / SQL, 72KAEDView Details
HOT_Pakistani Developer, Zoho Java SQL $8K USDView Details
HOT Indian/ Test Analyst, Expert in Scripting & Designing NegotiableView Details
HOT Indian Software Senior Engineer 213.5K Rupees Per monthView Details
Hot HK Mulesoft Developer 305K Rupees Per Monthly View Details
Hot Dubai Microsoft Consultant, O365, Azure, AD 73.46 EAD per hour per hourView Details
Hot Dubai, Analyst, Consultant 9.1K EAD Fixed Per Month View Details

Silicon Valley Associates is ideally positioned to support the continual demand from tech companies and IT Departments looking to hire in Dubai, UAE. Please let us know if you would further advise on the above topic or your hiring needs