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Description:  HOT IND Developer Python Retail IndustryDate:06/01/2023
Might need help with Working VISA
Can work anywhere in UAE
Experience Summary:She is based in India and she has 20 years experience in the IT industry as a Developer and she is passionate in building products and she has a background in leading middle and large scale projects.Education:X
Motives & Seeking:She is looking to relocate to Dubai.Languages:English- Fluent
Hindi- Native

Recent / Current Salary:Does not want to disclose informationExpected Salary:Negotiable
Three months notice.Interview Availability:Requires a few days notice.
Interview Assessment Notes 1.    Could you introduce yourself and tell us about you? Your current / recent jobs and employers? Previous companies and jobs?

She is based in India and she has 20 years’ experience in the IT industry as a Developer and she is passionate in building products and she has a background in leading middle and large-scale projects and she have had experience with retail, mobility, chemical industry, footwear and many more!
2.    What skill(s) / experience would you self-describe as strongest and specialist in?

Her strongest skills are her ability to learn and the primary reason is why she had a great career path is she is able to learn functional domain quickly and technology stacks as well. She is also a good coder and uses Python and also works on Cloud services and she is also self-starter and very self-motivated. She always wants to make sure that she delivers 100% success.

3. She has started her career in Cloud and she has been developing different applications and she has used Python based development and she is also familiar with AWS and other cloud platform and she is also people centered and she has led multiple people and she has worked as a Executive Director for X.

4. She worked with Capital Technology and they work on strengthening the form end-to-end and the application that generates the number is called Capital. She is currently work on developing the calculator to develop the numbers, the mission that they are on is modernizing the application using Python and moving it to Cloud. It also enables the users by its self-serving services.

She has led the Bangalore team and she is the lead of the Bangalore team and she leads the multiple initiatives like people management and etc.

Employment Agency:Dubai, United Arab Emirates
+971 58 586 4016 (Whatsapp & BOTIM)
Dubai World Trade Centre
Sheikh Zayed Rd, Trade Centre,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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