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Every leader needs a second in command, similar to how a President always comes in tandem with a Vice President. A second in command take charge in case of the inability or absence of the leader. They also give advice regarding big decisions and provide a second point of view with regard to crucial matters. 

Companies, as well, follow the chain-in-command method. Hence, they have a Chief Operating Officer assisting the Chief Executive Officer. The COO is more hands-on in the company operations compared to the CEO. The former oversees all the administrative and operational functions on a daily basis and reports his or her findings directly to the CEO. In any company, the tandem of these two professionals is needed in order for the successful planning and implementation of corporate goals. 

Responsibilities of a COO

  • Oversee the daily administrative and operational functions of the company
  • Report directly to the Chief Executive Officer 
  • Assume command when the CEO is unable to or is absent
  • Handle the company’s internal affairs and procedures

Why You Need a COO

While having a COO guarantee that a company will be able to make tough business decisions and foster the growth of the company, there are things that a COO lacks the luxury of time to pay attention to. Normally, a CEO functions as the public face of a company and manages external affairs. 

In order to keep internal affairs on track, there’s a need for a Chief Operating Officer. The COO takes charge of all administrative and operational functions of a company, ensuring that the plans are well carried out and can effectively sustain organizational growth. 

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