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There are various professional IT recruitment agencies in Dubai. But only a few, if not zero, turn their sole attention to the complex industry of IT and tech. Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment saw the need to focus on this growing sector in order to provide a tailor-fitted and specific approach to IT departments in niched companies, as well as pure tech organizations. Hence, the establishment of our IT recruitment agency.

Some IT recruiters may focus on a specific type of technical talent, such as cybersecurity experts or IoT professionals, while Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment recruits across a range of IT positions.

We help companies find the best IT professionals for their corporate needs. Since the establishment of our specialist recruitment agency in 2018, we have helped arrange various interviews between companies and candidates and filled a bunch of different positions. Some departments we touched are sales and marketing, IT technical, executive, and back office. Here are the positions we’ve helped fill:


These are some of the Job Positions and Candidates we have placed and can support you with. 


These are the different Technologies and Sectors we have experience in, and can also help you


Whilst we are Duba and Asia focused, here are some of the other Continents, Regions, and Countries we have placed in before, and have a database of contacts and can assist you.

Although our IT recruitment agency is based in Dubai, we have also reached companies in several regions, helping them with their recruitment needs. We have catered to IT departments and tech companies in countries belonging to Greater China, Asia Pacific, as well as the West. We are always looking for new opportunities to expand our services in order to be of aid to IT and tech companies, wherever they may be around the world. 

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