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As a professional IT recruitment agency in Dubai, we at Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment truly care about our candidates and clients.

Change is inevitable, so they say, and your company is not exempted. Over time, you had to renew your strategies, come up with different procedures, and make big decisions — all for the sake of innovation and growth. True enough, a business is an evolving entity that’s prone to change over time. Innovation is essential in order to stay competitive not only in your niche but in the entirety of the corporate sphere.

But even when essential, change is not always easy. Tough choices have to be made, and sometimes, so do sacrifices, such as laying off an employee. In a company’s effort to stay competitive and relevant in the modern-day age, it becomes essential, in some cases, to move someone in your team or to make a replacement. But even executives of the highest rank in the organization would not consider this task easy. Luckily, we can help.

What We Can Do

If you feel it may be time to make changes in your company’s roster of employees, our IT recruitment agency can help confidentially smoothen the exit of that particular person. We can assist in making the break-up amicable and retaining that person as an ambassador for you and your brand.

Our professional recruitment agency will guide both you and the employee throughout the exit process, ensuring that the transition is smooth and beneficial for both parties. And our help doesn’t end there. In line with our mission to provide the best services for both our company and candidates, we believe that it is our duty to help existing employees find other jobs in Dubai and Asia. If so required and desired by them, we will help in the search and contact suitable companies where they can deliver their expertise and resume their professional endeavors.

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Home » Employers » Employer Services » Outplacement