Sales Managers are the direct leaders that have communication and contact with the members of the sales and marketing department. Unlike the executive positions such as Sales Directors or the Vice President of Sales, the Sales Manager works very closely with the team, guiding them, setting goals, conducting plans, training, and mentoring. 

Every sales and marketing department needs to have a sales manager. Even if higher-ranked executives are already taking lead in the department, there is still nothing like having a manager who is hands-on with the members. This will enable a closer and better working dynamic, enabling the team to coordinate with each other to achieve corporate goals. 

Responsibilities of a Sales Manager

  • Oversee operations in the sales and marketing department
  • Directly guide and lead team members
  • Communicate with customers and take charge of complaints, feedback, and other elevated customer service issues
  • Monitor trends and consumer behavior
  • Device strategies and plans for sales and marketing efforts
  • Analyze sales data and trends
  • Project the company’s sales and profitability status
  • Train and lead team members. 

Are You a Sales Manager Looking for a Job in Dubai, UAE?

A sales manager works closely and directly with both parties, getting directives from higher ops and strategizing on how the team will implement them. With a sales manager, there is a more streamlined communication process, hence more harmony and efficiency in the workforce. 

Every sales and marketing department needs a sales manager to bridge the gap between the team members and executives. If you can assist a team of sales and marketing experts to communicate and understand directives, promote effective communication, and boost productivity, you are fit for a sales manager position. 
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