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There is various professional IT recruitment agencies and IT recruiters agency in Dubai. But only a few, if not zero, turn their sole attention to the complex industry of IT and tech. Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment saw the need to focus on this growing sector in order to provide a tailor-fitted and specific approach to IT departments in niched companies, as well as pure tech organizations. Hence, the establishment of our IT recruitment agency. 

There is a growing number of professionals pursuing careers in the IT and tech industry. True enough, it is indeed a booming sector that is projected to grow and develop over the next few years. Everything now revolves around the utilization of technological means and tools. Hence, more and more companies are looking for talents to suit their organizations. 

We want to help IT and tech professionals find a job in Hong Kong and Asia where they can put their IT and tech-related skills to good use. Your expertise needs to be matched with the right company that fosters your professional growth. Since the establishment of our specialist recruitment agency in 2018, we have helped arrange various interviews between companies and candidates, opening opportunities for IT professionals in the competitive and growing industry.


Check out the Job Positions we have helped candidates acquire and explore the opportunities for your professional career growth.


Take a look at the different industries we have experience in, from purely tech companies to IT departments in a vast array of industries.


Although our specialist IT recruitment agency is based in Dubai, UAE, we have placed candidates in different continents, regions, and countries around the globe. We have a database of contacts in companies situated around the world.

Although our specialist IT recruitment agency is based in Dubai and Hong Kong, we have also reached companies in several regions, helping professionals access these organizations and get offered a job. We have helped qualified candidates in countries belonging to Dubai and the Asia Pacific, as well as the West. We are always looking for new opportunities to expand our services in order to aid IT and tech professionals, wherever they may be around the world. 

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Home » Candidates » Candidates Expertise