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When it comes to selling products and services, the ideal practice is to tap into various audiences across different platforms. This will help widen a company’s reach and access a client and consumer base beyond their jurisdiction. Ultimately, this effort results in a broader possibility for a high-income bottom line. 

Many businesses do not tap into different platforms for the reason that it requires additional management and hands-on operations. There is often a lack of talent or expertise in the company to suit the demands of several bases. There lies the vitality of a Channel Sales Specialist. 

A Channel Sales Specialist is one who takes charge of a single platform where the business’s products or services are being offered. They are assigned to a particular medium or territory, participating in all activities involved in channel sales and support. 

Responsibilities of a Channel Sales Specialist

  • Coordinate events and foster strategic sales relationships in the assigned channel
  • Collaborate with directors, managers, and the business unit to ensure consistency among regions and platforms
  • Management and distribution of global sales 
  • Engage and coordinate with partners
  • Review demand to evaluate and implement strategies for adapting
  • Auditing purchase orders, sales, etc. 
  • Manage, organize, and monitor partner agreements
  • Analyze inventory and sales status

Are You a Channel Sales Specialist Looking for a Job in Dubai, UAE?

As a Channel Sales Representative, you’re enabling the business you’re working with to reach more platforms and, coincidentally, more audiences who can be converted to potential clients or consumers. Your talent in managing regional accounts will ensure smooth and coordinated operations that come together to achieve a company’s organizational goals. 
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