A company must always strive to foster good relationships with its clients. Several studies have shown that a loyal clientele who is satisfied with a business’s products or services is beneficial for the company. In fact, it is much more cost-efficient to retain existing customers than to attract new ones. And considering the ever-evolving consumer landscape, this is an asset that companies should tap into. 

To successfully forge relationships with a client base, a business needs first to bridge the gap. That can be done with the help of an Account Manager. This professional works as a liaison between an agency and its clients, ensuring that the latter are satisfied with what the company is offering. And if not, comes up with ways to appeal to them in order to retain a good company-client relationship, which proves beneficial for the success of a corporation. 

Responsibilities of an Account Manager

  • Fosters healthy client relationships
  • Works with the Sales and Marketing teams to create pitches and presentations
  • Design and implement marketing strategies
  • Maintain and manage client communications
  • Communicate client agendas to executives or other team members.

Are You an Account Manager Looking for a Job in Dubai?

Your ability to foster and maintain good relationships with clients is of supreme importance to the growth strategies of a business. It is in their best interest to keep them happy and loyal, giving them the leverage they need to drive their business forward. 

As an Account Manager, you are the key personnel when it comes to nourishing and strengthening company-client relationships. Considered as the bridge between the two parties, you can help pinpoint the needs of valued clients while devising strategies for the business to meet those demands. 

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