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Businesses are of great public interest. The fact that they need permits and registration in order to operate is, in itself, proof that the State is the one who gives life to these entities. With that, companies and corporations are prone to entanglement with the law — whether it be for financial reasons, permits, or employment, among others.

The law is a complex and complicated thing. No matter how skilled a businessman is, it doesn’t bring them above legal limitations. Every part of a company should adhere to legal standards, otherwise, they will risk penalties, fines, or charges. To help a company navigate the complicated web of legal matters, they need an in-house General Counsel.

Responsibilities of a General Counsel Candidates

  • Give sound legal advice and judgment to executives, officers, management, and board members
  • Take charge of all legal matters involved in the company
  • Serve as the organization’s legal representative in court hearings or legal investigations
  • Examine or draft all agreements, documents, contracts, and the like
  • Conduct research and determine the legality of planned strategies and corporate efforts
  • Ensure that all actions, inactions, and decisions made by a company are within the bounds of the law
  • Managing intellectual property, data security, and other corporate law matters.

Are You a General Counsel Looking for a Job in Dubai?

Every facet of a company is regulated by law —their establishment as a corporate entity, how they hire and pay employees, how they market their products and services, the contracts, agreements, and ventures they enter into, etc. These complex and complicated legal matters will always be something businesses have to consider. 

Hence, the crucial need for your legal knowledge as an in-house General Counsel. Equipped with your legal degree and substantial experience, you manage and take charge of all the legal matters a business might face. You can help a company grow and drive its organization forward, within the bounds of your State’s law. 

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