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Every department in a company needs a leader. Having one will help create a sense of perspective and a common goal for the members of a team. It will help align everyone’s visions and ideas toward accomplishing corporate goals. And a company that has invested and dedicated people like that are bound to drive forward and grow. 

Each department must also have its representative holding an executive position. Specifically, the IT department should be led by a Chief Technology Officer who holds a high-ranking position. This professional will oversee the company’s entire technological operations, as well as research and development efforts. Reporting directly to the CEO and leading the IT and research departments, having a CTO means more opportunities for a business in the realm of IT and tech. 

Responsibilities of a CTO Candidates

  • Manage the company’s technological needs, as well as research and development
  • Oversee all operations in the IT, tech, and research departments
  • Examines and analyzes both short-term and long-term organizational goals
  • Devise technological ways to help a company achieve its corporate objectives and gain more revenue
  • Report to the CEO regarding matters in the IT, tech, and research departments.

Are You a Chief Technology Officer Looking for a Job in Dubai, UAE?

One characteristic that a company should have is the ability to innovate. As the world continues to change, there is a need for companies to meet the demands of the times. Specifically, in the realm of technology, there are new developments and advancements every day. This poses the need for companies to have a professional leading and driving IT and tech efforts forward. 

A Chief Technology Officer, such as yourself, can help businesses innovate and grow. With you navigating through and developing technological efforts, you can find new solutions for the company. As a result, you will help them yield an increase in revenue and better returns on their investments. 
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