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One of the top IT Recruitment Agencies in Dubai, SVA Recruitment is an IT and employment agency that provides jobs, executive search, and recruitment services.

The IT and tech industry is booming and this rapid growth is expected to carry on for many years to come. There will always be new innovations in the realm of IT and tech. This is good news for IT professionals, as they are faced with countless employment and career growth opportunities.

Companies are always looking for exceptional talent who can serve as assets in their organizations. This means that there are several job openings looking for professionals with your skills and expertise. Our specialist IT recruitment agency wants to help every IT and tech candidate access those openings and find suitable jobs related to their niche.

We believe in the power of good referrals. As an IT and tech professional yourself, we know that you have a pool of connections and acquaintances who share the same skills and talents as you.

As we help you grow your professional career and unlock the best opportunities in the IT and tech industry, our professional recruitment agency wants to ensure that others like you have the same fortunes.

What We Can Do

Most of our candidates and clients were referred to us from previous and existing candidates and clients. We are always looking for more people with exceptional talent so that we can work towards finding the best opportunities for them. We can help your friends, family, and acquaintances look for a suitable jobs in Hong Kong and Asia where they can grow their professional careers.

If you have any recommendations, they are more than welcome. We are always grateful for your introductions. In case we have successful cases wherein your referral is effectively paired with the best companies for them, we can share the success with you through various rewards.
Do you have someone you want to refer to? Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can help.

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Home » Candidates » Candidate Services » Candidate Referral Scheme