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At Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment, we go to great lengths to match companies with the perfect IT and Technology personnel for their needs. At the same time, we strive to present our candidates with fantastic opportunities that can give them fulfilling careers in Dubai’s technology sector.

We embrace a tailored and unique approach to finding the ideal fit for our clients. Our innovative multi-channel search methodology navigates all levels of role requirements, breaking it down into five detailed stages – each one crafted by specialists in IT recruitment services.

Stage 1: Pre-project, Project Planning, and Preparation

At the first stage of our recruitment process, we provide an onboarding experience like no other. During a one-hour meeting with the client, we strive to understand their needs – from job profiles and roles to key criteria for potential companies or IT candidates. All this information is then formalized in writing, so everyone’s expectations are crystal clear!

To ensure a successful project, our Project Search Team will be introduced to the client to build mutual trust. We’ll also create an initial list of companies or prospective individuals to plot out the full plan and timeline with critical deliverables along every step–keeping both sides informed throughout this process!

Stage 2: Search, Initial Interviews, and Assessment

Our experienced IT recruitment agency is committed to finding the perfect match for our clients. We’ll scour through every possible avenue, from multiple channels and +1000 CVs in our database to job postings and networking at trade shows – wherever we need to go across all digital platforms so as not to miss out on any potential IT talent here in Dubai.

We keep our clients looped in on their search progress, providing weekly reports illustrating all the work to find a successful match.

Stage 3: Shortlist Presentation and Client Interviews

After a thorough search, we will present the client company with 10-15 remarkable prospective IT candidates. These selected individuals will be included in a shortlist for further consideration and an eventual face-to-face interview. To streamline their process and save time, our team has prepared organized documents containing pertinent information about each candidate, such as feedback from prior interviews, details of the search data collected, and other insightful observations – all at our clients’ disposal to use when engaging potential hires!

Stage 4: Candidate Review, Feedback, Offer, and Acceptance

Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment is your trusted partner in the recruitment journey. We’ll assist you with booking appointments and getting ready for interviews. At the end of each process, we hold debriefing sessions to evaluate candidates and consider feedback from all involved parties.

Once we’ve confirmed our top picks through final reference checks, it’s time to start negotiations and secure the perfect candidate! Then with your authority, we’ll gracefully decline any offers extended by other potentials.

Stage 5: Satisfaction Survey

We are committed to helping our newly appointed IT candidate transition into their new role during the notice period. We understand the importance of communication and preparation for a successful onboarding experience – so much so that we have arranged follow-up meetings with both companies and candidates involved to guarantee success.

At the core of our work is a highly effective process designed to match businesses and job seekers in IT with the right fit. Our dedication as specialist IT recruiters guarantees that only top-tier options will be presented – allowing clients an unrivaled selection of opportunities within tech.

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Home » About Us » Our Background » Methodology