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When launching a new product or service, a company needs to undertake adequate planning and preparatory steps. That’s because the act of introducing a new product to the market must take into consideration several factors to ensure success and profitability. Market research, timing, and consumer landscape, among others, all come into play. 
A Research and Development Manager is the type of professional a company needs in order to successfully launch a profitable product or service. They manage the undertaking of necessary planning and preparation steps to make sure that what is launched is not half-baked. Holding a very important role in an organization, a Research and Development Manager oversees the entire development process — from the initial planning phase all the way to implementation. 

Responsibilities of a Research and Development Manager

  • Ensure that all product or service launches and programs are implemented on time and according to budget
  • Conduct research on the entire phase of development
  • Analyze results after the implementation of a project
  • Give recommendations for improvements or innovative solutions
  • Guide the research and development staff members on a daily basis
  • Request a budget from upper management and allocate funds for development projects
  • Be familiar with new development trends and innovations to ensure that the company stays relevant and up-to-date

Are You a Research and Development Manager Looking for a Job in Dubai, UAE?

The journey towards corporate growth cannot be said to be an easy task. Neither can it be accomplished overnight. Many businesses spend years of planning and preparation before successfully fostering organizational development. But throughout the process, what should be done, and how are these to be carried out?

You, as a Research and Development Manager, can answer these questions. Because you possess the knowledge and expertise needed in order to drive a business towards growth and innovation, you’re paving the route towards success from the very first step of the planning phase all the way to implementation.
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