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While pre-sales engineers work to utilize technology to sell a company’s products and services, a post-sales technical support professional takes over after the transaction. They come into the picture after a product or service is sold, providing continuous support to consumers in the form of warranty or repair services, assisting them on how to use the product, responding to inquiries, etc. 

All these efforts conducted by a post-sales technical support professional help a company retain their existing customers, generating repeat sales and income for the business. As found by multiple research studies, it’s easier and more cost-effective for businesses to focus on retaining existing customers than to attract new ones. That’s why they must continuously provide support to their consumers, long after the sales transaction. 

Responsibilities of a Post-Sales Technical Support Professional

  • Provides customers with assistance on technological merchandise
  • Provides services that help a customer utilize a product
  • Provides assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 
  • Proactive support, monitoring, and devising solutions for customer aid

Are You a Post-Sales Technical Support Professional Looking for a Job in Dubai, UAE?

For any business, it is absolutely crucial to keep existing customers happy. This will guarantee that they will keep coming back and purchasing the brand’s products and services. But customer satisfaction goes beyond a single transaction. The relationship between company and consumer does not end even long after the product or service has been sold. Continual support and assistance must be given. 

To retain the loyalty and satisfaction of consumers, a business must think beyond the single transaction and instead, be with the consumers every step of the way. Hence, they need a post-sales technical support professional such as yourself to work on customer assistance and support. 

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