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Every business nowadays needs to make its brand known to its target audiences. In a world where there are millions of products and services to choose from, and an industry where the competition is fierce, companies need to make a proactive effort to bring the word out about their brand. Otherwise, they won’t see an improvement in their bottom line, considering that the first element of awareness is missing. 

Marketing has grown in significant importance over the years. Headed by a Marketing Director, a team in this department has one goal in mind — to increase awareness and familiarity with a brand, in an effort to increase sales or user base. They do this through strategies and techniques aimed toward reaching a broader audience, backed by their skills and expertise in marketing through varying platforms. 

Responsibilities of a Marketing Director/ Manager

  • Oversee marketing campaigns and monitor their progress to ensure success
  • Develop strategies and plans to drive traffic, increase awareness, and engage audiences
  • Map out and produce content for digital marketing and content marketing efforts
  • Take charge of the whole marketing department, overseeing fund allocation and crafting an efficient budget for marketing needs and purposes
  • Measure performance indicators and team effectivity
  • Utilize acquisition channels both in physical and digital domains.

Are You a Marketing Director/ Manager Looking for a Job in Dubai, UAE?

Marketing efforts rely strongly on current market trends. What used to be “in” several months ago may not be relevant in today’s consumer landscape. Hence, the need for a professional such as yourself who can keep tabs on market behaviors and interests and utilize them to form strategies and solutions to up a company’s marketing efforts. 

With the prevalence of various channels to acquire and retain audiences, there is all the more importance put into mastering these platforms and learning how to effectively maximize their utilization to achieve a company’s goals. With your clear focus on increasing sales through generating traffic and engagement from the target audience, you can pave the way towards the success of a business. 

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