Description:  HOT UAE Customer Service $13K AEDDate:August 9, 2023
Nationality: RussianResidence: UAE
Experience Summary:XXX is a skilled Real Estate Consultant and former XXX, bringing with her a wealth of customer service expertise and effective multicultural communication skills. Currently pursuing a Counseling Psychology degree at XXX in the UK, XXX demonstrates remarkable time management and organizational abilities. Her multilingual proficiency extends to languages including English, Ukrainian, Russian, Romanian, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Arabic, and French. XXXX’s professional journey includes an internship as a paramedic, tutoring in the Russian language, and recognition as a top 10 inflight retail seller during her tenure with XXX.Education:Paramedic Junior Specialist diploma
Psychology Bachelors XXX
Motives & Seeking:She’s looking for a more stable job.Languages:English – Fluent
Recent / Current Salary:$15K USDExpected Salary:$13K AED (Negotiable)
1 monthInterview Availability: A few days notice
Interview Assessment Notes 1.    Could you introduce yourself and tell us about you? Your current/recent jobs and employers? Previous companies and jobs?

XXX professional journey is marked by diverse roles where she showcased exceptional skills and dedication. As an intern at a XXX in Ukraine, she gained valuable experience in the medical field, providing essential paramedic assistance. Her role as a Russian language tutor highlighted her aptitude for teaching and effective communication. During her time as a member of the XXX, XXX exceptional customer service skills shone through as she attended to passengers’ needs with grace and professionalism. Notably, she achieved recognition as a top 10 inflight retail seller, demonstrating her sales prowess. Beyond aviation, XXX influential presence in the digital realm was evident in her two-year stint as a social media influencer, where she engaged a substantial Instagram following and skillfully managed social media content. Her modeling and ambassadorial roles for esteemed beauty salons, Maison Monaco and Mane Salon, further underscored her versatility and appeal.
2.    What skill(s) / experience would you self-describe as strongest and specialist in?

Multilingual Proficiency: XXX fluency in multiple languages, including English, Ukrainian, Russian, Romanian, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Arabic, and French, showcases her exceptional ability to communicate effectively across diverse cultural contexts. Customer Service and Sales: Her experience as a member of the XXX, along with her recognition as a top 10 inflight retail seller, demonstrates her prowess in customer service and sales, highlighting her ability to cater to customer needs and promote products effectively. Multicultural Adaptability: XXX successful collaborations within a team of various nationalities during her cabin crew tenure underscore her capacity to thrive in multicultural environments. Psychology Specialization: Her pursuit of a Counseling Psychology degree at XXX showcases her dedication to understanding human behavior and emotions, indicating a strong foundation in psychology.Social Media Influence and Content Creation: With over 131,000 followers on Instagram and experience as a social media influencer, XXX possesses a solid grasp of social media management and content creation, leveraging her skills to engage and connect with a wide audience.

Employment Agency:Dubai, United Arab Emirates
+971 58 586 4016 (Whatsapp & BOTIM)
Dubai World Trade Centre
Sheikh Zayed Rd, Trade Centre,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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