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Description:  HOT HK/SG/UAE/ Biodemical Engineer, Service Engineer, Production Assistant, Electrical , NegotiableDate:22/ 11/ 2022
Can go to HK/SG/UAE
Experience Summary:7 Years of work experience
Biomedical Engineer
XXXService Engineer, XXX
.Bio Medical Engineer,XXX
Production Assistant, XXX
Education:Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from
XXX College of Engineering and technology, XXX in the year2014
Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering from
XXX College, XXX in the year 2011
XXX from Govt. Boys Higher and Secondary school,
XXX from Govt. Boys Higher and Secondary school,
Motives & Seeking:Actively looking for a job because he wants to abroad and find a job. Also want’s to enhance his skillsLanguages:English- Fluent
Recent / Current Salary:50K INR monthlyExpected Salary:Negotiable
1 monthInterview Availability:Requires a few days notice
Interview Assessment Notes 1.    He is a clinical support engineer, so they are facing healthcare sector like medical equipment breakdown. So immediately he is , going to support under the equipment. Basically he support the person. So he will provide the doctor and the person in between. So equipment is the major contribute for diagnostic under surgery like that.
2.    He is expert in healthcare inventory, PCP, assembly and etc.

3. He knows  what are the operations and what other the application is there. Also he has a IT support experience in his previous jobs.

Employment Agency:Dubai, United Arab Emirates
+971 58 586 4016 (Whatsapp & BOTIM)
Dubai World Trade Centre
Sheikh Zayed Rd, Trade Centre,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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