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Description:  HOT UAE Executive Sales and Leasing Property Management and Building Administration 17k AED/MonthDate:12/09/2022
Working VISA
Can work anywhere in Dubai
Experience Summary:He has 8 years of experience in the Sales Industry more specifically with the real estate sector. He currently works as the Executive – Sales & Leasing for XEducation:Bachelor of Software Engineering
Motives & Seeking:The company has to keep everyone local and they are increasing the capacity of the local man power in their company. He is also looking for upgrade for his career.Languages:English- Fluent
Mandarin- Native
Recent / Current Salary:17k AED
+Air Allowance
+Phone Allowance
+Housing/Transportation Allowance
+Year-end bonus
Expected Salary:Negotiable:
25k AED
+Bonuses are good to have
+Allowances are good to have as well
2 months notice.Interview Availability:Requires a few days notice
Interview Assessment Notes 1. Could you introduce yourself and tell us about you? Your current / recent jobs and employers? Previous companies and jobs?

He has been in Sales for 8 years and worked for Real Estate and is working in Dubai and takes care of the property sector in Offices, Residential and other leases. He also takes care of the operation sector of their team like budgeting etc. He has 5 people in his team, and he reports directly to his director.

2. What skill(s) / experience would you self-describe as strongest and specialist in?

He is strong in negotiation and sales and leasing and property management and building administration and he is a very outgoing person and makes sure that he is building relationships.

3. Currently he is working as the Executive person for Sales and Leasing for a Dubai Based company and he helps in managing to help optimize the sales and leasing process through revising the policies and procedures.

4.Previously he was also responsible for offering luxury residential properties to clients via all possible channels. He also negotiated with clients to bring most revenue to achieve sales target.

Employment Agency:Dubai, United Arab Emirates
+971 58 586 4016 (Whatsapp & BOTIM)
Dubai World Trade Centre
Sheikh Zayed Rd, Trade Centre,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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