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Description:  HOT IND Network Support Engineer Electronics CCCNA Firewall Servers, Cyber Security 180k AUDDate:26/01/2023
Working VISA
Residence:Dubai, UAE
Can work anywhere in UAE
Experience Summary:He is from India and he did his studies in India and he is specializing in Electronics and did hardware engineering and he worked as a Network Support Engineer.Education:Bachelor of Commerce
Motives & Seeking:His wife got an opportunity in Dubai and they decided to move back with his entire family.Languages:English- Fluent
Hindi- Native

Recent / Current Salary:180k AUD
Expected Salary:Negotiable
Immediately availble.Interview Availability:Requires a few days notice.
Interview Assessment Notes 1.    Could you introduce yourself and tell us about you? Your current / recent jobs and employers? Previous companies and jobs?

He is from India and he did his studies in India and he is specializing in Electronics and did hardware engineering and he worked as a Network Support Engineer and then moved to Dubai in 2001 and he would consult with clients and provide solutions to them and he also had a CCNA certification and after 4 years he joined a new company he worked as an ICT Manager.
2.    What skill(s) / experience would you self-describe as strongest and specialist in?

His basic foundations are his networking skills and to go and look around an ecosystem and that has always has been his strength he also has strong project management skills along his stake holder management has complimented his ability to understand cyber security.

3. He has handled various servers, firewall servers, Oracle servers and supported a team as well and then joined X as a Project Manager and they were helping upgrading their legacy systems and he was hired to help in the UAE team and help implement a change across 70 countries and worked with 100 dealerships in UAE and he worked with them on the infrastructure side and he also worked on creating strategies and implement them.

4. He then moved to Australia and worked as a Project Manager and helped in implementing business strategies and he then worked with X and worked with the Marketing team and worked in launching a program and help represent the IT projects and set up call centres for them and then he then worked on cyber security, cloud solutions and they did the security profiling services and etc.

5. He did DevOps implementation and worked with the team that works with the ERP Systems and he helped them in implementing strategies.

Employment Agency:Dubai, United Arab Emirates
+971 58 586 4016 (Whatsapp & BOTIM)
Dubai World Trade Centre
Sheikh Zayed Rd, Trade Centre,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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